Keep Catawba County Beautiful

How Can You Help

Are you interested in helping to make Catawba County a great place to live? You can play a big part in keeping Catawba County Beautiful. Litter prevention is most effective when we citizens change our community's attitudes about litter. When you are a volunteer, YOU become a role model for community improvement. Here are some things you can do to help.

  • Always be sure to dispose of plastic bags appropiately so they do not become litter.
  • Consider using a reusable shopping bag when shopping instead of a plastic bag.
  • Never, ever litter!! And remind others not to, too!
  • Gather a team and register to participate in the Spring (last two weeks of April) and Fall (last two weeks of September) Litter Sweeps.
  • With your family, friends, neighbors, church group, co-workers, and others, Adopt-A-Highway or Adopt-A-Street in Hickory, Conover, Claremont or Newton.
  • Live Green: Reduce Waste and Recycle!
  • SWAT a Litterbug
Keep Catawba County Beautiful
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